Wonder, Mr. Brown’s First Precept: Choose Kind

Bowling Green is starting a movement in November to encourage our students to be kind. In our classroom, we have been reading the book Wonder by RJ Palcio since the beginning of the year. In this book, kindness is a huge theme. We read it to remind ourselves how to treat others and to work as a team. Throughout the book, August’s teacher Mr. Brown has a series of precepts (Ask your student what this word means!). So far we have read the first, listed below. Everyday will be talking about how we can implement this precept in our daily lives and I encourage you to continue the conversation at home too. Be on the lookout for Mr. Brown’s next precept!

Choose Kind

I “Mustache” You a Question…

On Friday students created survey, collected data on their question from the class and formed a graph as a project for math. To add a little fun, we added some fake mustaches to the equation. As the students went around asking the question for their survey, they held it and said “I mustache you a question..”. Here are the pictures I able to get. I tried to get everyone, but they were so excited that I missed some!

Be on the lookout to see their data and graphs hanging up in the hallway outside our room.

img_0588 img_0589 img_0590 img_0591 img_0592 img_0593 img_0587 img_0579 img_0580 img_0585 img_0578 img_0584 img_0583 img_0582 img_0581

Moon Phases Homework

This week students have a little but of extra fun homework. Each night they will be asked to look at the moon and record what it looks like as we learn about moon phases. An extra sheet is attached is case they misplace it.

Students were told about this on Friday (though I’m sure many forgot), therefore 5 days will be required for homework. If they do all 7 days they will get extra credit!

This will be due this Friday, November 18th for a science grade. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


November Newsletter and Homework

Here is the November Newsletter that was sent home this week.


Please bring in any supply items that you can as we are running very low.

We will continue using the same word work menu this month. Encourage your student to try all the different activities! They can always think of their own, as long as they run it by me first. Get those creative juices flowing!

Also I forgot a November birthday on the newsletter: Happy birthday to Aiden W. on November 21st.

Thank you for your continued support in the classroom and for everyone’s help with the pizza party this past Friday! The kids had an awesome time celebrating their reward for earning 5,000 DOJO points as a class. Way to go team!